Icon ads are now removed from themes

Just like the title says. Icon ads are removed from all of my themes. They didn’t earn much money and were annoying to the users. If you had 2 of our themes installed on your phone you would have four to five icons on your homescreen which is too much. Icon were constantly changing title […]

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Elegance ADWTheme

Elegance promo image

Elegancy is an awesome theme for ADWLauncher. Elegancy is using beautiful Faience icon set. Icons are very elegant and colorful. There are more than 100 icon that fit to a very large number of applications. The wallpaper is very colorful and fits perfectly with elegant icon theme.

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AwOken ADWTheme

AwOken promo image

AwOken is a custom Android theme for ADWLauncher. It is based on a beautiful AwOken icon set. Icon set and theme contain two grey or colorful icons. This theme replaces some of the Android application icons with icons from AwOken icon set. About 70 most popular Android applications have prettier and more consistent icons that fit […]

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